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Mgr. Iva Kokoška M.A.



I offer you my services as an individual and couple counselor, my office is situated in Prague. I specialize in personal growth, relationships and psychosomatics.


I used to be a lawyer but I wasn't getting enough satisfaction in that line of work, I kept caring more about personal relationships and everyone's well- being than the precise wording of legal contracts. I developed psychosomatic problems and came to a point in my life where I felt I had to make a big change to be happy again. I started studying psychology with the goal of becoming a counselor. Waking up after many years of lethargy felt really good, I found out. My psychosomatic problems disappeared.


Now I want to help you find yourself, your true sense of life, what you like and what makes you happy. I want to help you to get rid of your psychosomatic problems, anxieties, unhappy mornings when you go to work which you no longer enjoy or you wake up next to someone who you have no feelings for anymore. I was there as well and I will stay always emphatically on your side, of your life happiness and fulfillment.


Individual session  (50 min).......................2000 CZK


Individual session online (45 min)...............1800 CZK

Couple counselling (55min)........................3000 CZK

Couple counselling online............................2800 CZK








Psychotherapist Iva Kokoška



Lidový dům

Hybernská 7 (ground floor)

Prague 1

Czech Republic

tel.: +420 732 982 730

praha psycholog



M.A. - Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology and Counseling, La Salle University in Philadelphia, USA, Valedictorian of the Class, With honours,  2012-2014


Mgr. - Master degree in Law and Legal Science, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech republic, 2001-2007


Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Depression and Suicidality, led by Judith C. Beck and Aaron T. Beck, Beck institute, Philadelphia, USA, 2014


Hermes solutions training in systemic and strategic approaches and hypnotherapy by Milton H. Erickson, Hermes Institute, Prague, 2014-2019

Couple Schema Therapy, led by Mandy Walsh, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 2023-2024


Schema Therapy for Complex Cases , led by  Gillian Heath PhD. and Tara Cutland Green PhD., Schema therapy associates, London, United Kingdom, October 2015


Advanced Schema Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder, led by Gillian Heath PhD.and tara Cutland Green PhD., Schema Therapy associates, London, UK, February 2016


Schema Therapy Skills and Working with Narcissism and Anxious/ Avoidant Personality Disorder, London,UK, June 2016

Schema therapy workshop- Beyond Basics, Stirling, Scotland, August 2019


Gestalt studia, personal group experience during long- term psychotherapeutic training in Gestalt therapy in Czech republic,  from 2015 to 2017 

Mindfulness, led by Jan Honzik PhD, Centrum Lavka, Praha, 2023

MBTI typology long term training, led by Sarka Mikova, Czech republic, started from 2023 



Czech psychotherapeutical association - Full member 


 International Society of Schema Therapy - Full member 



Gillian Heath PhD.- for Schema therapy, in United Kingdom Mgr.  Petr Stipek - for Gestalt therapy and CBT, in Czech republic

PhDr. Pavel Roubal- for Psychosomatics





Team member of


Psychosomatic Clinic Prague, block internship and co-therapist during the CBT group sessions, supervision: Mgr. Roman Pesek


Psychiatric Hospital in Bohnice, department for patients in protective sexuological treatment, group therapy, supervision: doc. Jan Koznar PhD.


Faculty Hospital in Motol, department of clinical psychology- neuropsychology, supervision: Dr. Jaroslava Raudenska PhD.


General Faculty Hospital, Center for psychotherapy and family therapy, Apolinar, reflecting team during the family and couple therapy, supervision: Mgr. Jarmila Tolimatova


Institute Hermes, individual counseling, supervision: Dr. Frantisek Matuska


Psychotherapeutical Center Gaudia, reflecting team member, supervision: Dr. Olga Kunertova


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